Friday, January 29, 2010

Love at first sight

Well, the day finally came for Maddie and I to meet.. two hours late of course.

I boarded a seemingly fully functional plane in Miami, only to be told that some sort of fluid was leaking and that we had to re-board another plane.  So, two hours later than planned I exited the airport looking for her shining face.  Good thing I facebook stalked her...

We skipped out on Guatemala City and went straight to Antigua thanks to our great cabbie contact, Eduardo.  Antigua is a quaint old city of cobblestone streets and old mopeds.  Unfortunately there´s a subway and a citibank on the corner, and there are more tourists here than at the Miami Airport.

Well, we have our first meeting on Monday after which we will head out to move into our apartment in Xela.  Oh yeah, we have an apartment for the month of February.  An AWESOME apartment two blocks away from el parque central.

More soon,



  1. YAYYY! You made it! Glad to hear you're safe and sound! Keep us posted... the Ecuador listserv would love to hear from you! :)