Saturday, February 20, 2010

Two birds with one stone (or cement block in this case)

Finally Friday, and another round of stove building.  I went to Llano de Pinal, the biggest of the 10 communities that Primeros Pasos serves, and this time I got to start from stage 1!

Stage 1 consists of measuring and leveling until you just can´t do it anymore. If the oil in the frying pan runs to one side, you can always blame whoever built stage 1.

Literally building a stove from the ground up!

When I heard that Pop Wuj´s stove builders worked with Llano de Pinal I jumped at the chance to both build and investigate the community more closely.  There are 2,000 children that live within the community limits alone!  Good thing the government sent funding their way and a brand new school was built just last year.  I also got to visit the only kindergarten in the whole community.  I´m not sure where all the kids are, because there were only 20 in the class...

The brand new Basico school in Llano, with a separate building for adult education, a soccer field, and a women´s education wing!

Our completed stage 1 stove-- all level and ready to cook hundreds of tortillas.

The very sweet family who are now the proud owners of a stage 1 stove!

Maddie couldn´t come build this time because she was attending a general meeting with nearby peace corps volunteers, including our friend from San Vicente Buenabaj.  Maddie made a lot of great contacts, and for starters, we will be visiting one volunteer in her community outside of Sololá.

That will just about wrap up the week, but Sunday brings the most exciting news of all!  CHRIS TAYLOR AND LORI SCHARFFENBERG ARRIVE!  For a full week, Maddie and I will have the pleasure of showing them around the wonder that is Xela.  We are so excited to have them, because let´s be honest, we wouldn´t be here without them.

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