Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Day in the Life

          The time is flying by before our eyes.  We are entering our third week of teaching English at the local primary school in Chaquijyá, and have officially been Sololá residents for one month.  I feel very much at home here and have gotten into a nice routine.  However, my window view will never cease to amaze me and the days are never monotonous.

          This past week we rolled with the punches as classes were interrupted in preparation for Guatemala's independence day (Sept 15) and spent a good portion of our days in developmental and programmatic discussions.  There is so much opportunity and need here that it's hard to narrow our list of potential "next steps," but alas, six people cannot run 15 programs.

          Lori, MPI's Executive Director, has also been here with us for the past week.  Though not her first time to Guatemala, we have all enjoyed playing host/tour guide.  Not only fun, I'm pretty sure she could win the Nathan's hot dog eating competition.  But most importantly, she has the uncanny ability to turn my rambles into concise ideas.  Don't leave us!

As she leaves us, I will leave you some of my favorite shots (kindly donated by our very own Hudson Baird)

Jared (or Javier) taking some pictures as some students eagerly await the results.

Sixth grade acrobatics.
Studying away.
Your donation dollars at work. (Thank you!)

--Momma Bear Dana

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