Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Every End a New Beginning

This past Thursday we gave a presentation to conclude our six week summer camp themed Viaje Alrededor Del Mundo (Trip Around the World).  We invited all our campers' parents, prepared a video showing the camp's activities, and proudly displayed the students' artwork and past science experiments. The director of the school spoke, as did many parents, applauding the work we had accomplished thus far and looking forward to future programs in the community.  A survey completed by parents showed that 100% would send their child to camp again, 75% said it was worth more than what they paid (about US$1.50 for all 6 weeks), and 88% said that their children told them they had fun.  That was great to hear since 100% of us would run camp again.  Though sometimes stressful, we had an absolute blast.

As we close out our programs for this year, we can't help but be excited to get back to work when we return.  More good things to come!  We'll also post a shorter version of the video over the holidays when internet is lightening fast.

Help yourself to some visuals:

Stuffing bottles with trash in science class to use as cement blocks.
Proudly displaying all the kids' work in art class.
Showing our appreciation to all the campers and parents.
Happy Holiday Season!

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