Sunday, June 19, 2011

Circle of Life

MPI Guatemala rocks, end of discussion. I’ve been with Manna for about a week and a half and I’m disappointed to be leaving so soon. The last two weeks have completely exceeded my expectations both in and outside the house.

I was nervous to meet all the PDs and summer volunteers but they are so cool! Within 10 days I’ve made 12 new best friends, all with inside jokes and the solid connection that you only get through this kind of experience. The Program Directors do a great job of providing opportunities to get to know the other volunteers in a way that don’t include your typical ice-breakers. This is a crazy fun atmosphere where you are going to make lifelong friends and memories, whether it's singing Disney songs on the back of a pickup truck or sitting around late at night just talking about life.

 As if they weren’t cool enough inside the house, I am blown away by the passion and energy that every MPI volunteer pours into his or her work in the community. Seeing the kids’ faces light up as we entered the building was priceless on my first visit to the community. Both the kids and their parents adore Manna volunteers. This organization is making a lasting impact on the community within which it works. I’m hooked.

Thanks MPI Guatemala for an inspiring two weeks. Nica and Ecuador are going to have to step up if they want to fill your shoes.

-David Sanchez

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