Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome Back!

The Manna Guatemala team is back in business! After three relaxing weeks at home with our families for the holidays, we recently returned to our beautiful home in Sololá. Fortunately, Oliver, our flea-ridden cat had survived the holiday season as well. In fact, Santa dropped off a couple gifts for Oliver at the Roth household, so all is well. School will be starting soon, and we are very excited to begin our transition from in-school English instruction to after-school lessons. One of the highlights of the upcoming months includes the arrival of a new Program Director, Lorena, who we are all very excited to work with. Additionally, in the month of March, we will have four groups of Spring Break volunteers from Vanderbilt (who ya wit?!), Tulane, University of Georgia, and University of Alabama-Birmingham.  We look forward to showing these groups this beautiful country and introducing them to the friendly people. More updates to follow, so stay tuned to the blog! Hope you all had a very happy holiday season and here's to 2012!

Now it's time for the playoffs,

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