Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break Wrap-Up

I speak on behalf of the whole MPI Guatemala team when I say SPRING BREAK 2012 RULED. This month, we had the opportunity to work with five different universities and a total of 41 students on 4 different projects in Chaquijyá.

Vanderbilt University started Spring break off with a bang (or should I say a broken water pipe) on the construction of a playground in Escuela Central. As different parts of the playground were constructed, the kids immediately started playing before we could say, “wet cement!” The Vandy students continuously surprised us with their patience and flexibility, willing to adapt and adjust to the idea of "Central American time," which essentially means being late or not showing up is okay.

We were rolling deep Week 2 with a total of 21 students from Tulane, UGA, and Emory. The groups added a colorful touch by painting world map murals at each of the schools, Central and Cooperativa. As the group explored Guatemala, Pancaklandia, and beyond, every minute was a new adventure!

UAB made for a memorable last week with Dental Charlas and administration of fluoride to over 300 students and teachers! Right when these girls stepped off the plane, they were ready to take on Guatemala, one tooth at a time! Filled with energy, luggage, and gringas, there was nothing they weren’t prepared to do.
If you want to read more about each project, click on the individual tabs above labeled according to University.
Spring Break 2012 truly exceeded our expectations, and there are no amount of words that can fully describe the experience we had this month. That being said, we’ve prepared this Spring Break 2012 Tribute to help share our thanks. We are so appreciative for each Spring Break team and participant. But more importantly, we have a new favorite song.  

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