Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why I Guate: The Force

Today's blog post is an excerpt taken from Nicole Altamura's personal blog. Nicole just returned from a Spring break service trip in Guatemala and will be returning this July as a Program Director with us in Guatemala!


"Everyone that goes to Guatemala also goes back."

I was talking to my professor yesterday, telling her about my Spring break plans. I told her about how I went to Guatemala last year, too… which prompted her to say the above.

The thing is, it’s totally true. The whole reason I was blessed enough to go to Guatemala in the first place is because my college pastor went there a few years ago and has been looking for a way back. Our former college intern who went on that trip with us is currently spending a year down there now. About half of us on the trip last year are returning again. 

Somehow, Guatemala seems to put a spell on people. There’s some sort of magnetic force that draws us back. I’m not even sure exactly what it is. The people are great, the country is beautiful. Not to mention it is the poorest Latin American country. It’s about on par with some parts of Africa. So you just want to go and love on them. 

I’m so encouraged by that thought—that everyone who goes wants to come back.


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