Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Preservation on the Lake Atitlan Front
One of the best parts about MPIG is the view. The Manna house is situated overlooking beautiful Lake Atitlan, with a view of its three surrounding volcanoes from every window in our house.

Just a few days ago the Authority for the Sustainable Management of Lake Atitlan became official. Finally, there is a government entity set up whose sole mission is to preserve the beauty and nature wonder that is the lake.

The authority aims to plan, coordinate and implement the measures and actions, both public and private, necessary to conserve, preserve and protect the ecosystem of the lake and its surrounding areas. 

This Authority is under the direction of the vice presidency with funds from the general budget of the nation and is constituted as the governing body of the various projects for the hydrographic feature and environmental education.

If specific programs for this lake are not applied in the coming years it could suffer irreversible damage due to high pollution affecting it, because it does not have the necessary wastewater treatment plants.

Waste from chemical factories and waste generated by more than a dozen villages in its surroundings are dumped there. Located at an altitude of 1 560 meters above sea level in the department of Solola, the lake is one of its main economic and trade sources, it is also a place of great attraction for international and domestic tourism.

It is about time that Guatemala made Lake Atitlan a priority. Hazzza!

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