Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer is here!

Our summer interns are here! Keep up-to-date with new posts from Christina, Michelle, Grace, Karianne, Juliana, and Rebecca over the next month! Our first guest post comes to you from Karianne:

WE ARRIVED! We were greeted with hugs from Emily at the airport. She is full of energy, warmth and acceptance. I met our other group members: Rebecca, Michelle, Christina and Grace are from Vanderbilt, Julianna goes to College of Charleston and I am from Pepperdine. Cam is supplying the testosterone for our group and Dana and Lorena are friendly, supportive, and sweet. I am really excited to get to know their stories, passions, and hearts. Sololá, where we are living is an incredibly colorful, busy and spirited town. We are living in a home stay with a wonderfully sweet family. They are generous and hospitable, and accepting of my broken Spanish!

Today we went into the Guatemalan middle schools and taught English to 7th and 8th graders in Cam's class.  As expected the kids are playful, lively, and gracious.  A lot of them really do care about learning English which is exciting to see.

Even though it has only been two days, our group has bonded a significant amount and I can tell we are going to keep making incredible memories.  I have been humbled in this short time by the attitude of the Guatemalans.  Most of them seem incredibly content and happy with their lifestyle. Coming from America where I am blessed with convenience and luxury, I assumed that the Guatemalans would also prefer this lifestyle, but I don´t think that is the case.  There is definitely something to learn from their simple, hardworking, content way of living.  Having that mindset really does change the next month for me. in terms of thinking, teaching and learning. So excited for what is to come!


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