Thursday, August 16, 2012

La Feria de Solola!

Hey everyone! My name is Sarah . I was born in Virginia but lived most of my life in NJ. I Graduated from Penn State with a BS in Science in 2010 and I am currently finishing up my MPH in International Health and Development at Tulane University. My areas of interest are Indigenous health, nutrition adn program design/implementation/evaluation. This is actually my first time in Guatemala, but I am loving it and I am super excited to be here. I am really interested in expanding Manna's health programs here in Guatemala. Enough about me, let me tell you what has been happening this week...

This week is actually a pretty big deal here in Solola. It Is the Feria titular de Solola, which occurs every year on August 15th. The days surrounding the 15th are full of parades, performances, concerts, and there is even a carnival. On tuesday two of our friends from Chaquijya came to Solola to go to the carnival with us. It was so much fun!  There were a few giant Ferris wheels (ruedas) which, unlike those in the US, rotate at about 60mph, and some other questionably-safe rides.
La rueda

Jess, Nicole, and on the Rueda

The MPI team with our friends, Rivaldo and Jose, from Chaq
After the rides we were really hungry so we went to find something to eat. We ate some fairly traditional fair food with a few guatemalan twists. We had hamburgers, pizza, tacos, and elote loco (crazy corn).
elote loco--corn on the cob covered in mayo and ketchup sprinkled with cheese.  It is pretty strange!
Then we went back to our house to watch the fireworks from our balcony, they were really good! We had a really fun evening with our friends from Chaq!


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