Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Looking forward

So the school year here is coming to a close which means the end of our English classes for the year. This is exciting because it means we will be able to focus our time and energy into developing and improving our other programs such as health, micro-finance and our soap project. This week we were able to meet with two different organizations to talk about possibly collaborating with them, which were really exciting and motivating. I am really excited to work more on our health programs to see what more we can do in the community. We are currently designing a survey to find out the needs and wants of the community and also to get a basic picture of the health and economic status of the people we are working with.

We are also planing summer camp. The month of November we will be holding 2-week camps at both central and cooperativa. The kids will come from 9am-12pm, mon-thurs. This year we will have 4 activities: English(requested by the school), Environmental education, art, and sports. It should be a lot of fun for the kids and for us. We decided to look for volunteers from the community and the surrounding areas to help us plan and run camp this year. We will offer them some sort of leadership training in exchange for their service and they will also gain some work experience that they can add to their resume.

So, lots of exciting things happening here, keep checking back for more updates!


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