Thursday, November 15, 2012

Successful CES Campaign in Central!

Today was quite the eventful day. We had our last day of camp in Central and held an event with one of our partner organizations, Community Enterprise Solutions (CES)!

Our friends at CES were great. Since we were all busy doing our camp things, they basically did everything on their own without needing any help from us!

We came home to a lovely email from our friend Michelle, detailing everything that was done through the event today.

Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to send a quick note thanking you for your work in setting up the campaign today.  It was a huge success! Below are our sales:

4 Pairs of Reading Glasses
6 Pairs of Protective Glasses
6 Eyedrops
6 Energy Efficient Lightbulbs

And - Interest in stoves!

What does this mean? That four people in Chaquijya will increase their productivity now that they have the vision solution they needed.  Six people will now protect their eyes from the damaging and painful effects of the overexposure to sun, smoke, and dust, and avoid high medical costs down the road.  Six people will spend less each month on their energy bills, positively effecting the environment and allowing them to save money for their families. Additionally, the entrepreneur who provided the service to her community is from Chaquijya, just up the road from the school.  Therefore, earnings will remain in the Chaquijya community, and help Margarita to support her family.  Finally, there was enough interest in stoves that we will coordinate with Margarita to hold an efficient cook stove charla in Chaquijya so that interested community members can receive more information about the health and economic benefits of the stove.  Bravo!

It is so encouraging to see how the community of Central was affected by this event! We look forward to hosting a similar event in Cooperativa in a couple of weeks!


To learn more about CES, visit their website

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