Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bottle School Update & PD interview!

When I walked into Central a couple of days ago, I was stunned by the amount of progress with the bottle school! Most notably, it had a roof over the 4 new classrooms! All it needs now are doors, windows, and electricity. Also a fresh coat of paint, which 2 of our Spring Break groups will help us with in March! Along with painting the school, they will lead art projects with recycled materials with the Primaria Central students. We hope to reinforce various environmentally-related projects in the future, using the bottle school as a key example. Soon, the students in Primaria will be able to utilize this new space. It's such an inspiring thought to envision them filling these classrooms and having the opportunity to focus on learning without worrying about space. 

Almost finished!
From a side angle of the 2nd story
Also, we're going to start doing a PD video interview every other month here in Guate. Each interview will highlight a Program Director, who will then be asked various questions sent in from family, friends, co-workers, etc! For this month, it's Nicole Altamura! She graduated from Vanderbilt with a major in Human & Organizational Development, and her involvement in programs include Basico English, Women's Cooperative Development, and the Healthy Schools Initiative. Not to mention, she's our social media guru. Please send in possible questions to ask Nicole at by February 21st - anything from her experience here in Guatemala so far to fun, silly ones ! :)

Nicole with Christian, who attends Primary School in Central


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