Thursday, May 22, 2014

Initial Programs

This trip has been one of a kind so far. Although I haven’t been out of the country many times, I already know this is a trip to remember. Guatemala is culturally such a different place; it’s awesome, interesting, and confusing all at the same time. The people are probably the best part for me. I love how the indigenous people are dressed in the traditional trajes, and they are incredibly friendly for the most part. It reminds me a lot of growing up in the South, because everyone smiles whenever they pass by. I also really appreciate how open most people are. However, there have been some instances when, especially older women, seem a little distant and shy from us. I attribute this a lot to the trust factor that we talked about a lot this semester. Maybe the women simply don’t feel comfortable with us, because they don’t know us or speak the same language as us, therefore, the trust is lacking. I see a lot of the things we discussed in class (Culture, Health, and Development in Guatemala) come through in the society around us.

The customs and traditions here are also very different to those that I am used to, and it has been a great experience going outside my comfort zone to learn how people here live, what foods they eat, and practicing their language. I like some of the customs a lot, and love most of the food, but there have been some things that I don’t love, but I’m sure there are also things that the people here don’t like about me as well.

It was really awesome getting to teach for the first time today! The first graders were very interested in learning, and they loved to color! I loved seeing their reactions when I told them they were right, or said “perfecto” when they brought a colorful paper up to me to check. I really do think that we taught the kids a lot about oral health, and how and when to brush their teeth. Although it was hard for some of the kids to understand, I think for the most part they get that sugar is bad for your teeth!

One of my favorite moments today was after we finished teaching when the teacher asked us to go over the alphabet and pronunciation of letters in English with her. It was so encouraging to see her motivation in learning English. Overall it was a great morning in Central, and I can’t wait to go back with our new and improved lesson plan on Tuesday. 

Recess at Central
- Lucy, Visage Student

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