Friday, January 15, 2010

Four Days!?

How do the days pass so quickly?  I have been in Delray Beach, Florida visiting my grandparents for a few days now, but will be returning to good old New Jersey (not the Jersey shore for those of you who associate NJ with nothing else) tomorrow.  Then come the last minute preparations before I take off for Quito, Ecuador!!!  Not only do I get to soak up infinite amounts of MPI knowledge, but I get to spend my first week with some new friends and an old one-- shout out to Jackie Weidman(!)  Want to see what they're up to in Ecuador?

Week 2 will begin as Maddie and I finally meet in Guatemala City!  I think we're more than ready for the second phase of our friendship (phase 1: gchat).

In addition to giving you a brief status update and glimpse into my itinerary, I wanted to remind everyone to vote for Manna in the Chase Community Giving Campaign on Facebook.  Thank you to everyone who voted for Manna in the first round to award us $25,000!  This time we have the chance to win $100,000 or even one million dollars!

The final countdown,

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