Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, New Country

Two weeks from tomorrow Maddie Jalandoni and I will be taking off for Guatemala! We're embarking on a two-month-long feasibility trip to Quetzaltenango (Xela) for the non-profit, Manna Project International. For more info on Manna, click here!

During the first week I will be training with the current program directors in one of MPI's existing locations (either Ecuador or Nicaragua).  After what I'm referring to as my acclimation period, where I've hopefully learned all there is to know about Manna, brushed up my Spanish skills, and made some new friends, I'll be air-bound to Guatemala City to start the real feasibility study.

Briefly stated, our goals are to meet with contacts, community leaders, and townspeople in and around Xela to assess needs, willingness, and capacity.  We will be working with many contacts we have already been speaking with, but hope to also meet and build new relationships.  If you know anyone I should be in touch with, please let me know.  At the end of eight weeks, my hope is that I will have found a new niche for a permanent MPI site.

We're not shooting for the moon here, just following up on a great lead.  Despite the broad nature and scope of our work, our agenda and goal is realistic.  I like to think that when you believe in what you do, even the hardest task becomes achievable.  So do what you like, and like what you do.

Well, I'm on board, and I hope you are too!  To learn more and/or show your support of our work, click on the piggy bank below.  Thanks in advance.  We really couldn't do it without you.

Don't want to send your donation into cyberspace?  Send your support (made payable to Manna Project International) by mail and don't forget to mention my name:

Manna Project International
PO Box 121052
Nashville, TN  37212

Let's keep in touch,

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  1. As a first year alum from the Ecuadorian site, I'll be keeping a curious eye on the progress and great stories to come. Good luck Dana!