Monday, March 15, 2010

Gettin' better all the time...

Since we decided to focus our efforts solely on Chaquijyá, we've been spending the majority of our time in Sololá due to the proximity.  Our site lies only about 30 minutes northwest of Sololá.  Great news in terms of hospital access, grocery needs, etc.  This week we met with various people who helped us out on the logistical side.. finding a house, safety precautions, cultural sensitivity specific to our community, etc.  Amidst our meetings, Maddie and I dipped out to Panajachel and took a romantic boat ride around Lago Atitlan so people would stop gasping when we said we hadn't been there yet.

Told you it was pretty...

Miss you Maddie!

Maddie left us this past Saturday to start grad school in a few months.  I wonder if she's still reading..

Anyway, when we went to meet with Jesus again on Sunday, it turns out he had really invited us to his cousin's wedding (?).. so although we were under-dressed, it was a great time and great chance to meet some more community members.  Jesus has surpassed my expectations with every meeting we have with him, and I am so excited to work with him in the future.  If that wasn't good enough, this morning we attended a community leader meeting with the school director, mayor, various project teams, teachers, and local development organization. Turns out this community breeds organized, proactive members of society.  They were all so welcoming and cautiously optimistic of us.  In my eyes cautious optimism is even a step better than complete excitement- it shows thought and consideration of the pros and cons of our presence, and makes me feel like they don't see dollar signs in my American face.  It really makes me want to work for their acceptance and trust.

One week left, but much more to come,


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