Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Playing the waiting game.

I am now enjoying a lovely Passover week here in New Jersey, waiting patiently to hear the Manna board's final decision.  It would have been really hard to be in Guatemala for Passover since I don't think it's possible to go one week without eating a tortilla.

So now we wait... It's like applying to Colleges all over again, except this time I only have to wait 2 weeks.

When I hear, you will be the first to know.

Thanks for following along with me the past 2 months.  Hopefully there will be much more where that came from!



  1. Hello,

    A while back I ran into your blog and I was really interested because I will be traveling to Solola, Guatemala in June with an organization at FSU called Global Peace Exchange. We would be really interested discussing the region's developmental needs/ get some advice from someone already familiar with the area?


  2. daaaaayna dayyyyyna i think you owe us an update (wink wink shuffle shuffle)