Friday, August 3, 2012

Far From Home

We are far, far from home, and we're so happy. Far from home, all alone, but we're so happy.
-"From Finner," Of Monsters and Men

This week marks the Guatemala 12-13 crew's first week on our own, since our summer vols, previous PD and CD have all departed. I felt this song lyric to be most appropriate in describing our experience up until now.

First of all, yes, we are QUITE far from home. We live in a place where Spanish is the dominant language and work in a place where women wear "traje tipico," or traditional Mayan clothing. Our house lacks water half the day, and we ride overly crowded public transport to get around. The streets are uneven, houses practically built on top of one another. So yeah, it's pretty different.

However, we are so happy. How many people can look out their window back in the states and see something as gorgeous as this?
Yes, that's real.
And how many people can say that they will have the opportunity to play with/teach some of the cutest kids on earth?
You can't argue with this.
Or build relationships within a truly indigenous community?
Check that traje tipico.
So there you have it. We are in a truly foreign place... but couldn't be happier to be here.


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