Wednesday, September 26, 2012

9/26 Bottle School Update!

Second story construction really took off this week. On Monday (9/24) when Ja and I went to Central for our Básico classes, we could see a wall or two.

Today, however, almost the entire outer rim on one side has the first layer of bottle walls, and a few of the walls that will divide the classroom have been built! We were fortunate enough to be able to climb up to the second level (which we've never done before!) to snap a few shots while construction was taking place!

A bigger view of the external walls. Some already have their wood paneling.

Adding cement: the wall already has bottles lined between 2 layers of chicken wire.

Ja and Jess modeling the gorgeous wall.

Lining the chicken wire for a new wall!

These two are adding more bottles between the layers of chicken wire.

Bottles, bottles, bottles!
We are so excited by all the progress thus far, and we'll keep you posted as things progress!


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