Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sunday Snapshot: Teachers' Basketball!

Just when we thought all of the fun activities were over for a while, we learned that Thursday classes were canceled for Primaria because Central and Cooperativa were playing soccer against each other. The Central teachers enthusiastically asked us to join them in the teachers' match... which Jess eagerly agreed to. On Thursday, we arrived in our desfile clothes (good thing we had the same uniform as the other teachers!) unsure what to expect. We learned that the teachers were actually playing basketball instead of soccer.

While I had been dreading this activity (I'm not the athletic type), it turned out to be a lot of fun! I was relieved to learn that all of the female teachers would be playing basketball while the male teachers would play soccer after us. Here's some pics from the event! :)

Sarah providing an intense defense.

Jess getting ready to pass the ball.
Look, I actually have the ball!

Some of the teachers playing hard! (Central is red; Cooperativa is orange) Check out all the students sitting on the future home of 4 new bottle school classrooms! 

One of my favorite teachers, Esther, wasn't messing around.

Who says Guatemalans can't be ballers?


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