Monday, November 5, 2012

Busy, Busy

We have all been really busy the past few weeks preparing for camp, figuring out spring break projects, working on partnerships with other organizations and more. We just got back from our first tram retreat on sunday and it was busy but amazing and relaxing at the same time. On monday morning we attended 6th grade graduation at Central and tuesday morning we went to the graduation at cooperativa. We got to see some of our intermediate after school english students graduate which was awesome. At the same time it is sad to think that this was the final year of school for many of these kids . After 6th grade school is optional and they have to pay to attend. Many kids don't continue because they need to work for their families to earn money and they don't have the extra money to pay for school.

Wednesday through friday this week are days off for dia de los muertos. It is nice to not have to work, but it is hard to not think about all we have to do to get ready for camp on monday.

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