Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Snapshot: Family Reunion!

I think all of us would agree that visiting my host-family was one of the funner things we did this week.

We shucked corn,

Julie and Sarah excited to be shucking corn!

...But Jess and I were even more excited!

Played with cute kids,

Ja and Mae-Te reading a children's Encyclopedia

Jess and Mae-Te playing outside.

Chippy holding sweet baby Edy.
Then it was my turn with Edy!

And stayed over for some yummy lunch! Tita prepared a chicken soup called pepian that is a typical dish from her region. Julie and I didn't have the soup since we're vegetarians, but we enjoyed the delicious salad and rice... and of course tamalitos. We tried a new sweet fruit for dessert!

I had such a wonderful time seeing them again... and everyone else was able to see why I am so obsessed with this family :) They are so sweet and fun!


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