Friday, June 28, 2013


Hey guys!!! So this is my first blog post ever! I am one of the summer interns here at MPI Guatemala, and I can’t believe that I’ve been here for over two weeks! Being the first time that I’ve ever been out of the country, I might be a little biased in saying this, but Guatemala might be the most exciting, fascinating country I’ve been to! Although it took a little while to get used to some differences in daily life here, I am now starting to feel really comfortable here and I can already tell that I’m going to miss the students in our after school English class as well as the many amazing community members that I’ve gotten to know.

This past weekend, the interns and Julie took a trip down to one of the lake towns, Santa Cruz, for a relaxing vacation on the lake. We stayed at a hostel called Iguana Perdida, which had such an awesome vibe. With an amazing view of Lake Atitlan and the volcanoes, it was the perfect place to unwind a little and have some much needed relaxation time. While we were there, we got to talk to some people who had pretty amazing stories: one couple picked up everything and moved from the UK to travel around Central and South America for a year. Talking to these people made me even more thankful that I have this experience to see the world and makes me want to travel even more!

On Sunday, we walked about a half of an hour up the mountain and over to a hotel with an infinity pool, hot tub, and glorious licuados (smoothies). The hike was beautiful and the view of the lake with the volcanoes in the back was breathtaking. After working up a bit of a sweat, a dip in the pool was just what we needed. We were all rejuvenated after lounging in the sun and soaking in the view.

I can’t believe that I have less than two weeks left in this amazing country! Guatemala really is an amazing country and the people have been so patient and generous! I am so excited to add to the amazing experiences that I’ve already had in these next two weeks!


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