Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Looking back at the first half of the session

My experience in Guatemala so far has been so amazing. Guatemala itself is so beautiful, which I appreciate during every walk or car/bus ride we take. The people here are also so friendly and welcoming. Whether we are in Sololá, Pana, Chaquijyá, or a town we are visiting for the weekend, there are so many amazing things to see and do as well as interesting people to meet. 

Teaching English at the schools in the community has been an amazing experience. I am one of the people who teaches the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade classes. We also teach English to the teachers on Friday. It is amazing how much the kids want to learn English. They love learning new words and doing activities and games to practice what they have learned. They even ask us questions about English during recess. It is also very evident that the teachers are eager to learn in order to be able to teach their students or simply for their own personal benefit. 

Traveling around Guatemala has also been amazing. Last weekend four of us went to Xela and had a great time exploring the city, which is very different from the other places we have been in Guatemala. I am glad we had the chance to travel there. 

So far I have loved everything about the trip! Whether it is painting the playground the first day, teaching English, exploring Guatemala, or practicing my Spanish with the people here, all that we have done has been extremely meaningful and a lot of fun too. 

- Allie, MPIG Summer Intern

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