Thursday, May 29, 2014

To travel is to live!

BINGO! My Spang-lish is out of control after all of these English classes I have taught. It has been.. an adventure teaching to 5th and 6th grade for the past 2 weeks. They are so extremely enthusiastic and also super competitive when we play games like, BINGO or, “run to the board as fast as physically possible with the correct picture in hand”. It has been a blast and I am pumped to see them so excited to get the right answer or to pronounce a new word or learn a new phrase. Recess is nearly a danger zone because of all the balls being kicked and thrown everywhere but, again, it is a blast having conversations with all the eager little girls and boys to learn my name, how old I am, where I am from, and even what my father and mother’s name is. It is sad to think I only have one more week to be the gringo English teacher!

Today we went down to Pana (in a pick-up aka the best form of transportation except when there is a live chicken on the ground mixed with at least 15 people) and visited Maya Traditions. This motivational team helps the skilled Mayan woman artisans to improve their quality of life while preserving their culture through facilitating access to a Fair Trade global marketplace. The weaving and threading the women create is absolutely beautiful and it was awesome to see an organization dedicated to helping them sell their awesome work to the states and even Europe. We also got to check out their medicinal herbal garden which was a lovely little place. All ten of us smelled probably 20 scents of herbs that are believed to help in relieving all different health issues. Check out the pic! It was great.

It's the last week in Guatemala and I plan on making the best of it! Even if that means I draw a mustache on my face in Santa Cruz this weekend (apparently there is a cross-dressing themed party). To travel is to live!

Medicinal Herb Garden with Maya Traditions

Backstrap Weaving Demonstration

- Kalie, MPIG Summer Intern

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