Saturday, May 31, 2014

This Week in Pictures

This past week, the Manna interns and Visage students all paid a visit to Maya Traditions, a social enterprise organization based in Panajachel. In addition to observing traditional weaving practices and studying the organization's business model, we had the opportunity to visit their medicinal garden which grew several local remedies and boasted a spectacular view of Pana and Lake Atitlan.
This week also featured the 20th anniversary of Cooperativa's Basico school. Students from local schools all competed in basketball and soccer matches, and even the teachers played in a special match. We had a great time cheering on our students and colleagues, and eating lunch with various teachers and community leaders.
The advent of rainy season has brought local crops springing up at an impressively fast rate. We are constantly amazed by how quickly the landscape is changing!

Thanks to Alli for the pictures!

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