Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lift Off!

If you have not already heard, the Guatemala final feasibility trip report has been green-lighted by the Manna Board of Directors and we will be moving forward with MPI Guatemala!  This will be Manna's third international site, after Nicaragua and Ecuador.  Big moves for the organization and myself.

On the list of exciting things, we have found a wonderful co-country director for our first year's work in Chaquijya.  Her name is Katherine Mueller and she will be graduating from Vanderbilt University in just a few short days.  She brings along a great set of Spanish skills and a long history with Manna's campus chapter in Nashville.  I couldn't be more excited to begin our work together, oh, and meet her.

WOOOOO!  How exciting!  Feel free to get up a do a little dance if you'd like.  I just did.

Now that you're seated once again, you may be asking yourself about our next steps.  Well that is a great question.  We're looking at a lot of good, hard work in the coming weeks like assembling a great founding volunteer team of 4-7, fundraising, and keeping good people like you updated.  How can you help?  That is very kind of you to ask.  If you know any proactive, enthusiastic self-starters that are perfect for us, please contact me for more information, or check out our volunteer roles and guidelines. Also, please consider becoming a founding donor of MPI Guatemala by clicking the piggy bank at the right of this post.  No gift is too small.  If you would rather not give online, please send donations to:

Manna Project International
PO Box 121052
Nashville, TN 37212
(Checks made payable to Manna Project International; don't forget to write my name in the notes section!)

Well, that's all for now.  I'm headed back down in only a couple weeks.  I cannot wait to begin this two-year adventure... I hope you're on board.


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  1. Congratulations! I'm really excited for you and for MPI. When do you plan on heading down to Guatemala permanently to start setting up shop?